Book Aid International: Celebrating World Book Day

Happy #WorldBookDay! It’s not only one of our favourite days in the calendar because we get to celebrate our love of books, but also because the money you raise gives children around the world the chance to escape into a good book and develop a lifelong love of reading.

Message from Partner:

Book Aid international has to be proud of its good deeds when it celebrates WORLD BOOK DAY. Book Aid International has already provided 1000 books to Hawassa University, Sidama Region, Ethiopia that will arrive at Hawassa University in the near future 2021. FYI…/partnership…/…


International Law Book Facility :Celebrating World Book Day

Celebrating #worldbookday today and the power of books. Proud to be sharing legal knowledge across the world. Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers, and to the organisations we work with.

Message from Partner:

Really ILBF is proud of your good deed. Thank you once again for your provision of law books to Hawaasa University Sidama Region, Ethiopia recently in 2021


International Journal of Water Resources Development Open access

Directory of Open Access Journal /DOAJ/

 #DOAJ believes in the power and importance of #diversity, #equality, and #inclusion in scholarly publishing and scholarly communications and therefore at DOAJ itself. This applies not only to the way that the DOAJ organization is run but also to the range of journals and subject matters that we index. If you know a #journal that should be indexed in DOAJ, particularly if it represents a minority or marginalized community, then get in touch.You should also check out #c4disc at

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