What We Do

Partnerships and collaborations related to School, Public, Community, and Higher education libraries

Librarian/Information Professional, Coordinator of Library Partnerships & Collaborations Projects at Hawassa University strives to establish partnerships and collaborations among his Parent institution i.e. Hawassa University, and international non-governmental & governmental organizations worldwide. If you are interested to be partnered with pertinent to any library and information-related matters such as setting up a library and supporting elementary and secondary school libraries within the Sidama Region of Ethiopia…etc as well as all other partnership projects related to library affairs, you are more than welcome to contact us via our Contact Us addresses and we will be in touch soon.

For Your Information

Here are our ongoing International Collaboration & Partnership Projects

With your commitment, you show solidarity with the most in need of up-to-date reference books in the Sidama Region of Ethiopia. Our projects focus on where help is most needed. We strive to empower girls and boys.

We appreciate you for supporting us in this!

Our Works/Projects

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