Marketing & Promotion Strategy: The President ,Vice President’s, Dean’s & High-Value Profiles of Researchers at Hawassa University , Ethiopia

Investing time in profiling the people and expertise that make an institution unique can result in some unexpected benefits, as two librarians at a US public research university have discovered.

“Because research profiles are visible to the world, they increase your institution’s reputation globally by showcasing innovative work being done at your institution,” says Denise_Librarian at US Public Research University .

Based upon the aforementioned i.e. my colleagues fellow librarians noble idea , that is why I have been initiated to highlight my role as 21st Century Librarian in promoting the President, Vice Presidents of Hawassa University and High-Value profiles of researchers at Hawassa University via my professional blog worldwide.


Hawassa University (HU) is one of the first generation public and autonomous Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ethiopia (PROCLAMATION No. 127/1999). It has 7 campuses, four of which are located at Hawassa City, the capital of Sidama National Regional State (SNRS) & the rest three campuses are situated outside Hawassa City within Sidama National Regional State ; and HU is situated at 270 Kms from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The President

President of Hawassa University: Ayano Berasso (PhD).…READ MORE

Vice Presidents

Vice President for Academic Affairs@Hawassa University: Fisiha Getachew (Dr. Engineer).…READ MORE

Vice President for Administration & Students Affairs @ Hawassa University, Mesay Hailu,MPH, PhD, Associate Professor of Public Health & Epidemiology…..READ MORE

Vice President for Research & Technology Transfer @Hawassa University: Tafese Mathewos(PhD).…READ MORE

Message from Institute of Technology Scientific Director with the Rank of Vice President, Nigatu Wondrade (PhD)….READ MORE

Featured Professors@Hawassa University

Featured Professor @Hawassa University: Sheleme Beyene (Professor).…READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University: Adugna Tolera (Professor)….READ MORE

Featured Professosr@Hawassa University:Zinabu Gebremariam (Professor)….READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Yosef Mamo (Professor).…READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Tesfaye Semela (Professor).…READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Etana Debela (Professor).…READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Kassahun Asmare (Professor).…READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Abera Melese (Professor).…READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Walelign Worku (Professor).…READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University: Ajebu Nurfeta (Professor)….READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Tsegaye Bekele (Professor).…READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Berhanu Borji (Professor).…READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Raman Kumar (Professor)...READ MORE

Featured Professor@Hawassa University:Pavanasam Natarajan (Professor)...READ MORE

Messages from All Colleges’ Deans’ Offices....READ MORE

All Programs in Hawassa University....READ MORE



Author: Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional at Hawassa University (HU), Ethiopia

Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional @ Hawassa University, , Sidama Region, Ethiopia

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