2020/21 Partnership Agreement Between Book Aid International & Hawassa University Has Been Signed

All College Libraries on Main Campus and outside the Main Campus within Hawassa University Libraries System and beyond HU those found in the Sidama National Regional State will be beneficiaries of this BAI & HU professional Partnership Project.

Besides, based upon a professional community outreach proposal submitted to Book Aid International by the Librarian from Hawassa University, Ethiopia Public/community libraries, Primary & Secondary Schools libraries found in the rural areas of Sidama National Regional State, Ethiopia will be beneficiaries.

Book Aid International Donation Guidelines Graph
Step 1_ Starting Partnership and Partnership Agreement was already accomplished

Books Donation Request Proposal entitled “‘Books Donation Request Project Proposal to Hawassa University Higher Education Students and Primary and Secondary Schools Students found in Sidama National Regional State of Ethiopia” (Community Outreach Proposal) ” Prepared By Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian, Summitted in September 2020 to Book Aid International one of a premier UK’s leading book donation and library support charity. situated in London, in order to create a partnership among Hawassa University & Book Aid International.

Accordingly, Book Aid International Senior Management Team after reviewing thoroughly the proposal submitted by the Librarian (Mulugeta W/Tsadik) it has offered 1000 books (500 for Hawassa University Higher Education Students and 500 for primary and Secondary school Students for the purpose of community outreach development program of Hawassa University), to visit the details click on this link: 1000 Books Direct Partnership Offer to Hawassa University, Ethiopia.

Then after an offer of 1000 books to Hawassa University,

The Partnership Agreement Was Signed in November 2020


Book Aid International & Hawassa University:

On the behalf of Hawassa UniversityEthiopia Dr. Mesay Hailu:

Mesay Hailu, MPH, PhD,
Associate Professor of Public Health & Epidemiology

Mesay Hailu, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor of Public Health & Epidemiology, Vice President for Administration & Students Affairs of Hawassa University signed Partnership Agreement

On the Behalf of Book Aid International, LondonAlison Tweed:

Alison Tweed

Alison Tweed,

The Chief Executive of Book Aid International signed the Partnership Agreement

BAI keeps me updated on my consistent follow-up about the donated books through

Giorgia Cerruti, BAI Partnerships Manager:


today via email dated July 09, 2021 Book Aid International has updated or informed me about Book Aid International latest Shipment (ETH-BC-014) donated to Hawassa University.

You will find below not full details of the operational email message but an excerpt which is taken from an operational email message from Max Cobain Operations Officer of Book Aid International, for the purpose of public audience awareness only :

* Total Qty 1,041 Books

* An Estimated Grand Total Value or Price of Donated Books to Hawassa University From Book Aid International is Indicated below:

GBP £49,249.85


ETB 3,001,549.59

Besides, it has already indicated on BAI Operational Officer Email message BAI Shipment (ETH-BC-014 will arrive Djibouti port around the end of July 2021. I hope as soon as the books arrived in Djibouti port we will react soon to deliver donated books to Hawassa University fulfilling the necessary requirements.

Once we have been contacted by Ethiopia Knowledge and Technology Transfer Society we will collect the books by an agreed date and I will promise as responsible 21st century librarian to implement the remaining Book Aid International Books donation guidelines steps indicated from step 2 to step 5 accurately and efficiently and report it to our partner BAI.

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