Limiting Mindset vs Empowered Mindset

To grow, you must improve your thinking and free yourself from doubts and uncertainties about your abilities. Without thinking that you are a superhero, start giving yourself more confidence and try to revise your plans if things don’t go well. But never give up.

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Introducing Sidama’s Legend Business Man Kaala Dukale Waqayo

Sidaamu Rosu Haaroonshi pirograame umikki laalchonke!!!!! Ayiiradu Dukka’le Waaqqayohunni ijaarinoho!!!

Kaala Dukale Waqayo

#Forward & give Respect to Respected Sidama’s Legend Business Man Kaala Dukale Waqayo for the great KG school built by him in Sidama Region! #Big Respect Hero!

Via Sidama Ethiopians Today

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We invite interested philanthropic Investors or Businessmen at home & international levels to Get Involved in the Books For Africa & Hawassa University Partnership Project…

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Celebrate International Day of Education with Books For Africa!

Today is the fifth annual International Day of Education as observed by the United Nations! The UN asserts that education is a human right, a public good, and a public responsibility-and Books For Africa agrees. This year, we are celebrating by raising $50,000 to send five containers of over 100,000 books to Ghana, the 2023 UNESCO World Book Capital. These books will be distributed to children in schools across the country to support education and spark a joy of reading.

As Ghanaian Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Alima Mahama wrote: “Ghana, and for that matter the entire Africa, remain ever grateful for your commitment towards ensuring that every child on the continent has access to books.” Please join us in kicking off fundraising for this ambitious project, and our 2023 theme: A Book For Every Child.

Last year alone, Books For Africa shipped 3.2 million books, valued at over $26.7 million, and 355 computers and e-readers containing over 1,065,000 digital books, to 27 African countries. More than $2.3 million was raised last year to ship these books to the students of Africa.

Books For Africa remains the largest shipper of donated text and library books to the African continent, shipping over 57 million books, serving all 55 countries on the African continent since 1988.

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