All African Music Awards Winner

I am happy to announce that we won All Africa Music Awards in the category “Best African jazz group of the year” for the song “DEEMI”. What an honor to be recognized by Africa’s most prestigious music award!

First of all, I want to thank Mira Thiruchelvam who composed and produced this piece. She has the guts to experiment and push musical boundaries. I can´t wait to compose more songs with this woman!

Thank you Lencho Fikru Kenea for your amazing videography, and Kato ådland for mixing the song.

Source: Via Gutu Abera


Exploring the Innovative Community Libraries of Korea | By R. David Lankes

Take, for example, the Gusan-dong Village Library, which was created by the social action of citizens. Community members (many of them single mothers) petitioned their local government to create this library. The citizens of the area then created their own library school to plan the library through meetings, lectures from invited speakers, shared readings.

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the National Library of Korea’s 77th Anniversary. In my talk, I argued that there is no future for libraries—instead, there are many diverse futures, futures diverse as the communities libraries are designed to serve. And in these futures, librarians shape their libraries around these unique communities, diverse in demographics, needs, capabilities, and locations […]

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