Dr. Haile Fida, a big personality, a real and incisive intellectual thinker of his time

………….. there were also genuine saints — and what saints! They themselves were radiant and they illuminate the path for all of us!

[Raya & Azebo] The controversial area in northern Ethiopia was part of Tigray during Hailesilassie’s reign?

 Were Raya and Azebo part of the Tigray during Hailesilassie’s reign?

An answer YES or NO is up to the reader after verifying the above posted archival letter or document written on July 26, 1949, Eth.C.


2023 International Librarians Networking Program [Applications are now open]

Applications are now open for the 2023 International Librarians Networking Program. Connect virtually with librarians around the world, share knowledge and experiences, and build your peer network.

Apply Now!

Visit https://www.ala.org/rt/irrt/irrtnetworkingprogram/how-apply to apply and learn more.

The deadline for submitting applications is January 31, 2023

Richest Metropolitan areas by nominal GDP.

The World’s Richest City by GDP is Tokyo, followed by New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris.

Tokyo metropolitan area is the richest metropolitan area by estimated nominal GDP of 2.05 trillion dollars.

Tokyo is a significant center for global finance, serving some of the biggest investment banks and insurance firms in the world. Tokyo also serves as the hub for Japan’s publishing, electronics, broadcasting, and transportation industries.[…]

In academia, we need two types of researchers: divers and surfers

It could be argued that there are two types of researchers in academia: divers and surfers. Divers go narrow and deep with their research. They pick a broad spot in the ocean, jump in, and gradually narrow down to explore what that thread of the ocean has to offer. In the original spot they pick, there is a decent amount of other people, and most can communicate with each other about what they see…

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