Brazilian football legend Pelé, who won a record three World Cups, dies at 82

#Pele, the man with a thousand goals and three World Cups, died Thursday, December 29 morning of cancer at age 82—a death that puts an end to the career of one of the greatest players in the history of soccer…

Top Heavy: Countries by Share of the Global Economy

In this chart, we visualize the world’s GDP using data from the IMF, showcasing the biggest economies and the share of global economic activity that they make up.

As 2022 comes to a close, we can recap many historic milestones of the year, including the global economy surpassing $100 trillion 📈

We’ve visualized the world’s GDP, showcasing the biggest economies and the share of global economic activity that they make up:


Do you know how to spot disinformation and stop it from spreading online and in your community?

Disinformation is false information deliberately spread by bad actors. When false information spreads and takes hold in our communities, the consequences can range from threatening our physical health, to curtailing the civil liberties of targeted groups, and even violence. Join YALIChecks today to stop disinformation and commit to only sharing factual information with others and helping to prevent the spread of harmful disinformation. Watch this page for resources to understand the difference between disinformation and misinformation, test your knowledge about disinformation tactics, and ways to educate others about the characteristics of disinformation.

Do you know how to spot disinformation and stop it from spreading online and in your community? With #YALIChecks, you can test your knowledge about disinformation tactics and download resources to educate others about false information[…]

Ethiopian Journal of Medical and Health Sciences (EJMHS) has published a new issue

Ethiopian Journal of Medical and Health Sciences (EJMHS), Hawassa University, has published its second volume’s first issue.

Ethiopian Journal of Medical and Health Sciences (EJMHS) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Hawassa University College of Medicine and Health Sciences. EJMHS is a multi and interdisciplinary journal that is devoted to fascinating high quality, state-of-the-art, and valuable advancements in the fields of medical, health, and basic sciences.

EJMHS invites publications from different disciplines to advance the depths of knowledge related to medical, health, and basic sciences. This Journal encourages publications of scholarly papers on various themes with the aim of giving innovative solutions to health problems.

EJMHS is an open-access academic journal published biannually on a regular basis. The Journal publishes original research articles, critical reviews, mini-reviews, short communications, book reviews, clinical case reports related to the specific theme & a variety of special issues. It encourages publishing comments on current health initiatives, personal experiences, comments on clinical, social, political, economic, and all other factors affecting the health status of the society[…]

[2022 in Review] The Impact & Use of Blogging interactive with Social & Professional Networks

Dear followers of my professional Blog/Website entitled ‘21st Century LIS Network’,

I present to you an overview of the data relating to the use and metric impact of my professional blog/website and all other social platforms interactive with my website.

I am very pleased to present you the data extracted from my professional blog/website Insight and Meta Business tools (for Facebook) through which I was able to detect, on the basis of some parameters, the feedback relating to the coverage of 21st Century LIS Network and its interactive social networks.

21st Century Library & Information Science Network

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