Prison Libraries

Many internationally recognized institutions, like Harvard University, offer free online courses, so with proper organization, and a secure network, libraries could offer inmates these courses as well.

As finding a job as an ex-prisoner is tough, many try to establish their own businesses once released. Hence, these libraries should try to offer books that teach inmates about how to run a business, from how to create a business plan, to how to market their businesses, some sales practices to adopt, and so forth. As a percentage of the libraries’ patrons will be lacking education and/or technical skills, it’s likely that they will also be financially illiterate, or at least lack some knowledge. Keeping this in mind, offering books on how to keep track of personal and business finances and teaching inmates how to file tax returns for example would be a great initiative too.

And this happens more often than one may think. Imagine this if you will; it’s May of 2007, you are a young person from a disadvantaged socio-economic background (which many prisoners have). You get imprisoned for the next 10 years, and you have no access to technology, information, or education. You are released in 2017, and everybody is running around with a laptop, smartphones and tablets, everything is being digitized, while you are just standing there, not even knowing what an iPhone is, let alone how to operate one. It’s tough to find your place in society now that you feel like a complete outsider.

And this is exactly where prison libraries enter the frame.

Libraries exist to serve their communities. Said communities should include those who are traditionally looked at and treated as outsiders; people who are incarcerated. The time inmates spend in jail is not a pleasant one for many reasons, the lack of access to information and education being one of them. But that is something that can be addressed by prison libraries.

Prisons are penal rehabilitation facilities – and those words are equally important. If you just punish people, but don’t provide them with the opportunity to learn skills that are required in everyday life then the likelihood of these people returning to prison increases.

While this post is talking about prison libraries specifically, most things mentioned below apply to other facilities, like mental health and rehabilitation institutions too. With this little disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about the importance of these libraries…


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