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Afaan Africa Association-3A

The technology giant, Google – is planning to expand its products and services in Africa.

To help prove this, it announced the 10 most widely spoken African languages ​​last May, 2022; when it added more than 25 languages ​​to Google Translate, while 2 of the ​​added languages are Ethiopian(Oromo and Tigrinya) and the 3rd language is Afar which is currently on its final stage(Beta Level). For the success of this mega project, we are creating national wide community in Ethiopia as Google Crowdsource – Ethiopia the can organize the Four Ethiopian Languages(Amharic, Oromo, Tigrinya, Afar) on Crowdsource.

This is a great task for our country and the African continent not only to develop languages, culture, history and traditions but also to make their own contents properly organized and accessible on the Internet.

So, as 3A supports research in the integrated study of languages, cultures, and societies as its first mission, 3A is to support/coordinate Google Crowdsource – Ethiopia team for Ethiopian & African languages.

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