Top 100 Places To Visit in Europe (Ultimate Travel Guide) by Ryan Shirley

I’ve spent the last few years traveling Europe and I want to share with you my favorite places. Enjoy this travel guide featuring Europe’s incredible destinations. From the scenery of the Alps, to encanting medieval cities, Europe’s beauty and history remains unmated to the rest of the world. I put my heart, soul, and several years of hard work into this video and I can’t wait to share it with you…


From 2022 to 2023: time to press the accelerator to protect education from all hazards!

From 2022, a year for hope…

On the positive side, 2022 was a turning point full of hope for children, youth and education:

Sadly, children and education systems were affected not only by climate change, like floods in Pakistan, and extreme weather in Europe, but also by earthquakes in the Philippines and Indonesia, among other examples. Tragically, students and education personnel continue being targeted in conflict zones, for no fault of their own and sometimes simply because of their gender or who they are in a society. Think of Afghanistan, Colombia or Mali. For a complete overview, read the annual report of the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attacks…

Visualizing The Smoking Population of Countries

Over the last two decades, knowledge around the dangers of smoking has become more widespread, and changes to legislation has forced cigarette companies to put health warnings on their packaging.

According to Our World in Data, about one-in-four adults around the world smoke tobacco—at least on an occasional basis. And in many countries, a majority of these smokers are men.

But just how big is the smoking gender gap, and which places have the biggest divide between men and women when it comes to smoking? This graphic by Pablo Alvarez visualizes the smoking population breakdown across the globe…

SDG 4 Quality Education Collection

Springer is calling for articles to our new Collection on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goal: SDG 4 which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Check out our SDG4 Quality Education collection. Submissions to participating journals are welcome! 

12 Role Typologies

The Resource
The resource provides a set of tools or digital utility that many people can access.

Examples: CourseraIfixitWikimedia Foundation

The Utility
The utility provides infrastructure for basic services like water, energy, nutrients, feed, connectivity, or resource cycling more broadly.

Examples: WeconnexBiopolusLinux Foundation

The Teacher
Unlike the resource, which is passively available, the teacher involves pro-actively training and knowledge sharing.

Examples: Girls Who CodeThe Natural StepCenter for Artistic Activism

The Connector
The connector provides a method for connecting two or more types of actors who weren’t properly connected before.

Example: Matcha PreplyRuumi

The Exemplifier
The exemplifier inspires other actors through a working and compelling demonstration.

Examples: CommonlandBuurtzorgFairphone

The Activist
The activist works to enact new legislation, shift human behavior, raise awareness, or more generally put pressure on key stakeholders.

Examples: Client EarthExtinction RebellionTectonica

The Innovator
The innovator is primarily focused on the creation of new IP or recombining existing IP, whether for their own product/services or for others.

Examples: SRI InternationalPrecious PlasticNew Story

The Scaler
The scaler focuses on creating economies of scale from existing product, service, or technology innovation.

Examples: SunPowerDesolenatorSustainer

The Investor
The investor provides capital to assist the perpetuation of an activity, the growth of certain organizations, or an existence of an asset.

Examples: PurposeFollow ThisLandscape Finance Lab

The Researcher
The researcher unearths key insights that can be used in innovation and implementation.

Examples: Stockholm Resilience CentreCroatan InstituteDRIFT

The Integrator
The integrator brings together existing technology and/or multiple models to provide new holistic value.

Examples: Medic.orgMad AgricultureBuildUpNepal

The Monitor
The monitor provides accountability of current power structures and validates claims.

Examples: Open SecretsTransnational Institute, Global Investigative Journalism Network

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