6 lessons from book 6 pillars of self-esteem.

1. The first pillar is the practice of living consciously. This means that we’re present in each moment and aware of what’s going on inside of us as well as around us. We don’t ignore information that we don’t like, and we pay attention to our emotions. People who are living consciously are able to focus on what is happening now, and to stop thinking about the past and the future.

2. Self-acceptance is the second pillar. It means that we accept ourselves unconditionally. We are compassionate toward ourselves even when we don’t admire our own feelings or decisions. These factors do not change our respect for ourselves.

3. Self-responsibility means recognizing that we’re in charge of our own choices and actions, and that no one else can make them, change them, or fix them for us. We don’t blame others for our own choices, and don’t expect others to make us happy.

4. Self-assertiveness is the fourth pillar. It’s the practice of honoring our needs and interests and of expressing them in appropriate ways. We know that it’s okay to have needs, and that it’s acceptable to let others know about them in a healthy way.

5. Living purposefully is all about our goals. If we’re living purposefully, we set goals, and make plans that will allow us to reach them. We live with these goals in mind.

6. The last pillar of self-esteem is personal integrity. This means that we have convictions about what behavior is appropriate, and we keep our behavior in line with that standard. You might summarize this pillar by saying that we ‘walk our talk.’

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