[For Public Library Workers] Digital Leadership For Libraries (Free course)

Digital Leadership for Libraries is a free, online learning course comprised of five open-access, modules created for public library workers, volunteers and apprentices. The modules are intended to create engagement with the principles and values of being a digital leader in public libraries, unlocking the potential for all public library workers, and their services, to be confident digital leaders.

The programme has been designed as a set of short, interactive and practical modules with case studies that apply directly to your workplace. A module should take 35-40 minutes to complete. By the end of the course, you will have gained an understanding of the value and impact of digital leadership, and a new digital mindset.

Digital Leadership for Libraries is hosted on our new learning platform, click enrol now to sign up.


How universities are adapting to support neurodiverse students

Imagine a world where all individuals are free to use their strengths to learn, develop and create. This is a mission many universities are looking to embrace through the introduction of services, technology, and spaces designed to support students with a wide range of learning needs.

It’s estimated that around 15-20% of the world’s population has a specific learning difference such as ADHD, autism, or dyslexia (1). While it’s difficult to gauge how many students are neurodivergent, in the US alone roughly 20% of undergraduate students reported a disability, including various neurodiverse diagnoses.(2)

The last few years have seen a shift in the way society views neurodiversity. Scientists and practitioners have led the way in defining neurodivergent conditions as ‘different methods of learning and processing information’(3). And with a few adjustments, neurodiverse individuals can enjoy a successful and fulfilling academic experience in higher education. […]

122 things you will be able to do in the library of the future that you can’t do today?

What should libraries be?

How will we describe the nature of libraries in the future? Should they be:

  • Baby friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Food friendly
  • Beer, wine, and alcohol friendly
  • Event friendly
  • Party friendly (should they provide a list of approved catering companies)
  • Homeless friendly
  • Privacy advocate friendly
  • Business friendly
  • Casual user friendly

Africa Outlook 2023: The challenges ahead (Resilience amid disruption)

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