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Estimados todos / Dear All,

Please find below a list of webinars to be delivered in the upcoming days. We invite you all to join as well to share with your coworkers and institutional networks.These webinars are part of the first Research4Life Spanish MOOC on health e-resources, a partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA) and the Librarians Without Borders.

Favor encontrar información de los webinarios que se realizarán en los próximos días. Invitamos a todos que participen y que diseminen junto a sus colegas de oficina y redes institucionales. Estos seminarios integran el primer curso virtual en español de Research4Life sobre recursos electrónicos de salud, una iniciativa conjunta de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), el Centro de Capacitación y Divulgación de la Información para África (ITOCA) y de Bibliotecarios sin Fronteras.

10 November | 10 de noviembre 2022
8:00am (CST) | 9:00am (ET) | 4:00pm (CAT)

How to successfully navigate the scientific publishing process = Como navegar exitosamente en el proceso editorial  científico

Moderación: Roberto Zayas Mujica, CNICM/Infomed, CubaExposición: Damian Vazquez, OPS/OMS

Duración/Duration: 90-minutos | 90 minutes

Simultaneous Interpretation in English

Contexto/Context: El proceso editorial desde la perspectiva de una revista. Lo que analizan los editores y revisores. Estándares internacionales, plagio, citas, temas de derechos de autor. [The editorial process from a journal’s perspective. What editors and reviewers analyze. International standards, plagiarism, citations, copyright matters].

Registración/Register: aquí / here – ZOOM Platform

15 November | 15 de noviembre 20228:00am (CST) | 09:00am (ET) | 4:00pm (CAT)

Mejorando la visibilidad y el reconocimiento de tus actividades de investigación con ORCID

Moderación: Eliane Pereira dos Santos, OPS/OMS

Exposición: Paloma Marin-Arraiza, ORCID

Duración/Duration: 60-minutos

Spanish only

Contexto: Visión general de ORCID, uso de ORCID como investigador en diferentes puntos del ciclo de vida de la investigación, interacción con ORCID a nivel institucional, historias de valor.

Registración/Register: aquí / here – ZOOM Platform


[Donate Now] To Empower Girls & Boys in Primary & Secondary Schools

<<An institution of higher education is a partnership among students and alumni, faculty and administrators, donors and trustees, neighborhoods, and more, to build a community – and a culture.>>

Ben Sasse

Let us Get Involved In!

Does giving really make you happy?

series of studies found that neurons in the portion of the brain associated with a sense of satisfaction start firing when a person chooses to donate money. These results are a fascinating reminder of the intrinsic motivation that many people share to make the world a better place…

The Books For Africa & Hawassa University Partnership Project is a project initiated and coordinated by Mulugeta Woldetsadik [Librarian] and made possible to be facilitated with the support of Books For Africa.

The main objective of the project is to empower girls and boys. In particular, through this collaborative project, we aim to reach out to rural communities with elementary, junior, and high school students to alleviate the shortage of supplementary reading books.

Project Goal= $ 12, 300

Current Project Progress= $ 2,420

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