Historical Movies in Chronological Order

Historical Movies in Chronological Order […]


An old Encyclopaedia Britannica is a work to cherish

It may have been eclipsed as reference material, but it’s still a valuable indication of the general knowledge of past generations

Wikipedia is now the way of all knowledge and the printed encyclopaedia is doomed by its very structure. ‘It can never know it all or show enough of what it knows. It can’t hope to keep up with important developments in the world, nor take back what it said about Hitler or slavery.’ Endless editions, salesmen crisscrossing America selling expensive sets – none can compare with the speed of the click. Even so, Garfield concludes, there is still a place for Slow Books. ‘A fine encyclopaedia will stand you in good stead like an old wristwatch: its timing may be out, and sometimes it may not work at all, but its mechanics will always intrigue.’

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