How to plan and perform a qualitative study using content analysis

This paper describes the research process – from planning to presentation, with the emphasis on credibility throughout the whole process – when the methodology of qualitative content analysis is chosen in a qualitative study. The groundwork for the credibility initiates when the planning of the study begins. External and internal resources have to be identified, and the researcher must consider his or her experience of the phenomenon to be studied in order to minimize any bias of his/her own influence. The purpose of content analysis is to organize and elicit meaning from the data collected and to draw realistic conclusions from it. The researcher must choose whether the analysis should be of a broad surface structure (a manifest analysis) or of a deep structure (a latent analysis). Four distinct main stages are described in this paper: the decontextualisation, the recontextualisation, the categorization, and the compilation. This description of qualitative content analysis offers one approach that shows how the general principles of the method can be used. […]


ICOLC Statement on the Metadata Rights of Libraries

Metadata and the metadata services that describe library collections are critical in supporting content discovery, knowledge creation, and libraries’ public missions. Metadata describing library collections is not typically copyrightable, and should be considered freely shareable and reusable under most circumstances. However, some industry players restrict libraries’ rights to use such metadata through contractual terms and market influence. Such restrictive activity is out of alignment with libraries’ needs and public, not-for-profit/educational missions.[…]

21 Data-Backed Sales Skills Every Top Performer Needs

Top 21 Sales Skills of 2022

There’s simply not enough time in the day to focus on every essential skill needed to succeed in sales. While sales teams must prioritize skills development, it’s important to identify which skills could have the biggest impact on your sales results.

In our recent global study of 1,004 sellers and sales managers, we identified 21 top skills and behaviors that represent the biggest gaps between Top Performers—those who are more likely to meet their annual sales goal, have higher win rates, and achieve more premium and less discount pricing—and The Rest.

Read on to ensure your sellers and sales managers have the skills they need to join the ranks of Top Performers. […]

Print Books vs Ebooks: A Long Battle for Existence

Keywords: #Digitisation#Readers#Libraries#Technology#Publishers#Bookworms#LibrarianshipStudies

Abstract: One of the most significant human achievements has been the invention of books. When things are tough, we turn to books for comfort. As the pages turn, books open a secret gateway to a previously unknown universe. They give us solace when the going gets hard and work as an escape from reality. Thanks to technological advancements, paper books are no longer the only format available to readers worldwide. E-books have taken the world by a storm since their inception and continue to enthral readers with various advantages. But the ebook vs. printed book issue is far from finished, and it’s just getting more difficult as time goes on. It might be difficult to choose one over the other, and the battle between digital and traditional books appears to be far from over. But which is better, e-books or printed books? Will future readers flip pages or swipe? […]

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