Global Tour Virtual Interview Project (GTVIP) By 21st Century LIS Network_MW


Global Tour Virtual Interview Project (GTVIP)_ By 21st Century LIS Network [MW]

Welcome to 21st Century LIS Network’s new initiative, titled “Global Tour Virtual Interview Project (GTVIP)”! In these interviews, we’ll be highlighting SMEs about their expertise or knowledge and experiences…etc

FYI: Virtual interview content is guaranteed to be educational, informative, and inspiring to the scientific community and the general public.


First and foremost 21st Century LIS Network strives to serve as an online resource with the mindset of becoming a solid online resource for its audience.

Becoming an online resource for readers or audiences means recognizing the potential value that the content presented could give to the audience.

Therefore 21st Century LIS Network is excited to announce to you it has launched a new initiative project titled “Global Tour Virtual Interview Project (GTVIP)” in order to produce original sounding quality content that will inform, educate & inspire auidence or readers.

As a Subject Matter Expert sharing your knowledge via an interview conducted by …

…21st Century LIS Network: Information – Knowledge Retrieval & Dissemination Platform

will have a value to incearse the visibility of your profile to reach out to wider audiences , particularly within academia and the general public at home and international level. Nowadays, Information seekers or audiences value what Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) presents to them, henceforth,21st Century LIS Network believes that disseminating & using insights from SMEs is one way to produce potentially sounding higher-quality content that inspires, informs, and educates the audience.

1. Interview with Subject Mater Experts (SMEs), Why?

People or information seekers want to look for information from a diverse range of Subject matter experts; need to hear from subject matter experts what they are saying on their expertise areas. Therefore the only way to satisfy the information needs of people is to virtually interview subject matter experts who have years of experience in the subject at hand and share their knowledge with audiences.    

2. Where to find Subject-Matter Experts

An interview with subject matter experts will be conducted virtually on diverse fields of topics, such as nutrition or food, healthcare, economics, information science, agricultural science, veterinary medicine, law & technological innovations or advancements …etc. It is time to interview subject-matter experts.

Thankfully to emerging technology, there are plenty of places to find honorable guests to be interviewed, here are some of the sources or places:

On LinkedIn, on Hit up Google, Universities, Professional Associations/Societies, via Public Relations Professionals & on HARO ProfNet

3. Invitation to Get Involved In GTVIP

Interview questions tailored to Profiles of honorable guests’ will be formulated and sent directly by 21st Century LIS Network via their email to Honourable Guests at regional, national, and international levels to invite them to get involved in the Global Tour Virtual Interview Project [GTVIP].

21st Century LIS Network Honored and Interviewed Tadesse Fikre Teferra (PhD), Food Science and Postharvest Technology, from the College of Agriculture Campus, Hawassa University, Ethiopia.

Tadesse Fikre Teferra (PhD)

21st Century Library & Information Science Network

Information-Knowledge Retrieval & Dissemination Platform_Since 2017

This is the tip of the iceberg!!!


Author: Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional at Hawassa University (HU), Ethiopia

Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian/Information Professional @ Hawassa University, , Sidama Region, Ethiopia

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