Tasmania Documentary 4K | Wildlife | Australia Landscapes and Nature

Separated from Australia’s mainland 12,000 years ago, Tasmania is unlike any part of Australia. This documentary explores the natural beauty of Tasmania’s rugged wilderness and the animal inhabitants that live there. Narrated by Steve Chambers and presented in stunning 4K this documentary explores many of Tasmania’s stunning landscapes and natural inhabitants including shorebirds, Pied Oyster Catchers, Silver Gulls, Humpback Whales, Australian Fur Seals, Padamelons, Wombats, Bennet’s Wallaby, Tallus Grasshoppers, Northern Snow Skinks, Cape Barren Goose and Bruny Island’s famous White Wallaby. Also featured are the Mountain Ash, the Fagus Tree, Tasmanian Pencil Pines, and a variety of Tasmania’s native Fungi.


Marketing Planning Guide: For Professional Services Firms

Every professional services firm has to find new clients and new opportunities. So if you are a professional services executive, there is a good chance that you’ve been involved in the marketing planning process. You may be the person responsible for preparing your firm’s marketing plan. Or maybe you are part of a team tasked with planning next year’s marketing budget.

This Marketing Planning Guide for Professional Services Firms will introduce you to a process tailored to the realities of modern professional services firms. You will learn how to develop a thoughtful and effective plan, one grounded in ten years of research into the marketing habits of the fastest-growing firms.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in! […]

A new sound for Europe – Can music bridge cultural differences? | DW Documentary

Google Arts & Culture: Discover Oromia

Learn about the history, culture, and lifestyle of the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia

The Oromo

The Oromo are Africa’s fifth largest ethnic group, and the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, inhabiting much of central, southern, and western Ethiopia, and the northern parts of Kenya […]

Africa Union,

Africa Union, Head Quarter located at Finfine


An incredible Finfine is the Capital city of Oromia

Sof Oumar Cave,

EXCITING BALE, outspoken, adventurous, proud, and audacious…


THEATRICAL LANGANO, from history and culture to fine foods and good times…

Endemic Red Fox,

IRRESISTIBLE SANNATE, Sannate Park wears many crowns and spreads an irresistible feast for all...

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