Robert Green የጻፈው The 48 Laws of POWER የሚለው መጽሀፍ ምእራፍ 16 እንዲህ ይላል…” ተፈላጊነትህን እና ክብርህን ለመጨመር በየ መሀሉ እልም ብለህ ጥፋ፣ ከህዝቦች አይን ተሰወር” ይላል


The Impact Libraries Have on Teenagers

Librarians give teens a place to call their own

Believe it or not, in the United States, public libraries, with 16,607 locations, outnumber both Mcdonald’s, 13,363, and Starbucks, 15,444 strong. For teens, libraries hold a unique appeal. They remain one of the only places teens can use without buying anything. While practical, this isn’t the only reason that libraries can have a significant impact on the lives of teens.[…]

Metadata for Digital Collections [Ed. 2]: A How-To-Do-It Manual

Since it was first published, LIS students and professionals everywhere have relied on Miller’s authoritative manual for clear instruction on the real-world practice of metadata design and creation. Now the author has given his text a top-to-bottom overhaul to bring it fully up-to-date, making it even easier for readers to acquire the knowledge and skills they need, whether they use the book on the job or in a classroom. By following this book’s guidance, with its inclusion of numerous practical examples that clarify common application issues and challenges, readers will:

[Global Research Report] Ocean Science: Sustainability concerns add urgency for research

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