How to fall back in love with reading

Even when your brain feels like mush.

I doubt you need to be told you should be reading more. There’s a good chance you struggle to make time for reading, and it feels like just another obligation, like hitting your daily step goal, or drinking more water […]


A-Z guide outlining how to determine whether a journal is legitimate

D is for DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals … a good reference list for legitimate open access journals!

Thank you to Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency for including us in the A-Z guide outlining how to determine whether a journal is legitimate.…/predatory-publishing-a-z…

Equity is Impossible without Communication Skills

How Higher Ed Can Level the Playing Field for Student Success

Not all students are set up for success the way they should be when it comes to communication skills. Unfortunately, students who cannot communicate effectively will be limited in how they can express their value, contribute to the classroom, and, eventually, build a successful career. Download the ebook to explore the critical role higher ed institutions play in equipping students with communication skills and how that leads to increased equity in the student body.

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