ARL, CARL Engage Ithaka S+R for Report on Aligning the Research Library to Organizational Strategy

“What is now being expected is that university librarians become full university leaders.”

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) recently commissioned Ithaka S+R to examine how academic research libraries in Canada and the United States help their institutions achieve strategic priorities, what can be done to advance this work, and how university leaders gauge expectations of their libraries.[…]


Versatility: A Crucial Skill for Virtual Librarians

Knowing a little about everything is the #librarian information professional’s credo. In this information age, we must step back and revel in our generalist skills and status. We must hone our specialized skills while applying Skill A to Problem B.

Our information seeking skills translate seamlessly into a virtual environment.

Using our vast experience and general knowledge makes us versatile and able to tackle the world of information and data retrieval no matter where our patrons reside, no matter what resource they use.[…]

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