The Library World Tour reaches another important milestone:60 interview!!!_Il Library World Tour raggiunge un altro importante traguardo:60 interviste!!!

I sincerely thank all those who have “raised their voices” and contributed to creating this wonderful international network made of professional experiences, personal stories, passion, ethics, courage, and love for the most beautiful work of the world ondo, the librarian .…/library-world-tour

The Library world Tour interactive map

Ringrazio di vero cuore tutti coloro che hanno “prestato la loro voce” e contribuito a creare questa meravigliosa rete internazionale fatta di esperienze professionali, storie personali, passione, etica, coraggio e amore per il lavoro più bello del mondo, il bibliotecario.…/library-world-tour…/library-world-tour…


Valuable and Timely Advice for Marketing from 5 of the Top Minds in Library Promotion

My first American Library Association Annual Conference was a whirlwind.

I spent my time in DC searching for my people. You know them–the library staff members who are tasked with promoting their libraries.

It’s a job that you can’t really understand unless you’ve done it. And these five people have done it.

So, I asked them to share their best piece of advice for library promotion. And I got five amazing answers that I wanted to share with you.

Because, no matter where you are, and no matter what size library you work for, these nuggets of wisdom will inspire you. They will cause you to think deeply and intentionally about your work.

And best of all, they will reassure you that other library marketers share your worries, problems, and challenges. You, my friends, are not alone. […]

How To Never Be Jobless Again!

Losing your job can be unpleasant, but you shouldn’t give up. Look ahead, learn something new or turn your profession into online work. And remember, there are always so many other doors that can open ahead of you […]

Let’s Defend Libraries: A Librarian in Sri Lanka of Mario Coffa {Library World Tour}

Interview with Premila Gamage – Let’s Defend Libraries: A Librarian in Sri Lanka of Mario Coffa, in CILIP ILIG Focus Journal – Issue 53(1), pp. 17-26; ISSN 2058-8399 (Online).
Thanks to Phil Segall, Editor.
Click here for downloading the latest issue of CILIP International Library and Information Group’s Focus journal.

“Technology and the academic library: key themes for success” 

21st Century Library & Information Science Network

Do you want to discover how academic libraries thrive in today’s tech-heavy environment?

A look at how successful academic libraries thrive in a technology-rich environment. […]

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List of Library Associations: International and Regional

Library associations are professional organizations formed to bring together librarians who share common interests in subjects, types of services, or other factors. Especially national associations, such as CILIP or the American Library Association, and of these there are examples in most countries of the world.[…]

The Open Road Under Construction: Library Journal’s Open Access and Open Educational Resources at Academic Libraries Survey Report

The use and visibility of open access (OA) content collections and open educational resources (OER) appear to be changing at colleges and universities, according to the results of LJ’s 2022 Open Access/Open Educational Resources Survey, sponsored by SirsiDynix. Many institutions and their libraries are placing more emphasis on helping students and faculty find those resources, but survey participants feel they are not fully satisfied with how well their search interfaces direct students to these collections, or with their frequency of use.[…]

Value Added: Getting the Most Out of Databases

Many librarians are already deeply familiar with the research databases their libraries offer, but veteran users can get into habits or use old workarounds that may no longer be necessary. Vendors also regularly add new features to help users refine results or explore a resource’s content in new ways.[…]

Ebook: Access to Online Resources – A Guide for the Modern Librarian

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