2022 Global Peace Index

The 2022 Global Peace Index (GPI) report, the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness, reveals that the average level of global peacefulness deteriorated by 0.3 per cent.

Although slight, this is the eleventh deterioration in peacefulness in the last fourteen years, with 90 countries improving, 71 deteriorating and two remaining stable in peacefulness, highlighting that countries tend to deteriorate much faster than they improve.


Time to celebrate! Books For Africa wrapped up a highly successful fiscal year 22 with over 3.2 MILLION books shipped!

On June 30, Books For Africa closed its fiscal year 2022. We are very pleased to announce that despite mounting logistical and financial challenges, we achieved our third most successful fiscal year to date, shipping over 3.2 million books, and 1,065,000 digital books on 355 computers and tablets, to 27 countries in Africa.

The value of BFA’s shipments totaled over $26.7 million. BFA raised over $3.2 million to ship these books to readers in Africa.

Thank you for your support in fiscal year 2022! Check out a graphic chart of our shipments accomplished over the past year below…

Book Aid International 2021 Annual Review

Libraries often lack the funds to buy books for higher-education students, and practising professionals can also not purchase the up to date books they need. Unreliable internet and electricity mean that digital information is often out of reach as well.

In response, in 2021 we provided 60,438 higher education books and 89,069 medical books around the world to support higher-education students and practising professionals in a variety of fields.

In 2021, we worked with 150 partners, providing 1,007,449 books to people in 24 countries. They are available to an estimated 19.3 million people.

Our partners included the:

* Hawassa University in Ethiopia,

* AMREF Health Africa in Kenya,

* the University of Liberia and

* the College of Medicine at the University of Malawi.

የታላቁ ባለቅኔ የአለም ሎሬት ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን (ሮበሌ) ቀዌሳ መታሰቢያ ሃውልት

The Statue of Laureate Tsegaye Geberemedhin at Adama, Oromia, Ethiopia

የጀግናው አርበኛ ኮሎኔል አብዲሳ አጋ (አባ ጅግሳ) መታሰቢያ ሃውልት በኦሮሚያ ፓሊስ ኮሌጅ ቅጥር ግቢ በአዳማ ተሰርቶ በክብር ቁሟል

አብዲሳ አጋ [አባ ጅግሳ] ያልተዘመረለት…የመታሰቢያ ሐዉልት ተሠራለት

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