“Bad Libraries Build Collections, Good Libraries Build Services, Great Libraries Build Communities” _R David Lankes

“Bad Libraries Build Collections, GoodLibraries Build Services, Great Libraries Build Communities”

R David Lankes

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Haile Fida Kuma, a big personality!

“Ummanni dammaqe, Ummanni Gurmaa’eefi hidhate ni bilisooma.Ummata Oromoo dammaqsuun, gurmeessuun fi hidhachiisuun murteessaa dha.”

Dr. Haile Fida
“People wake up, people who are armed and organized will be free.It is important to wake up Oromo people, organizing and arming them. “

– Dr. Haile Fida

The Statue of Haile Fida

“He was one of the pioneers who attempted to shade fresh on the history of the Oromo, the right of the Oromo people to speak, read and write in Afaan Oromo.”.

He initiated Oromo studies in Europe and has made a major contribution both to our knowledge of Afaan Oromoo grammar and to the discussion on how the language should be written 1968-1974. His first research paper was published in 1972, on Tatek, theoretical Journal of Ethiopian Studies in Europe entitled ‘Languages in Ethiopia: Latin or Geez for writing Afaan Oromo.’

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