Ethiopia’s Other Conflict

Ethiopia’s Tigray War Overshadows Ongoing Cycles of Violence in Oromia

The government can start by facilitating credible independent investigations into the serious abuses by its own forces and by armed groups, as communities demanded. This would help demonstrate that it is serious about ending the abuses that have wreaked havoc on Oromia residents.[…]


The Future of Sales Leadership

Each chapter of this eBook offers insights, best practices, and strategies you can use right now to get ready for what comes next. Download this free eBook and discover:

  • How to master key sales leadership mindsets.
  • Top strategies for leading virtual sales teams.
  • Learning lessons from leaders who have always been virtual. 
  • Ways to build a successful sales team with virtual onboarding.
  • Different ways to upskill sales leaders to excel in today’s world.

Artificial Intelligence in Libraries and Publishing

What is the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of scholarly communication? What impact does AI have on the practices and strategies of publishers, libraries, information technology companies, and researchers? What exactly is AI and what are those in the realm of scholarly communication actually thinking about it and doing with it? […]

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