2022 Best Practices from World Libraries Photo Gallery (Curated by The International Relations Round Table IRRT International Connections Committee)

Exercise Desk for Students
Ralph Brown Draughon Library, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA

The “Best Practices from World Libraries” photo gallery presents a selection of photographs from around the world, which feature library projects and programs that best demonstrate this year’s IRRT Presidents theme: Global libraries as agents of leadership in our post pandemic world.

This collection of photographs has been curated by the International Relations Round Table (IRRT) International Connections Committee…


Is the United States of America a Democracy, a Republic or an Oligarchy?

Mohammed Abbasi

The United States is both a democracy and a republic, but the terms are not mutually exclusive. So let us break it down whether the United States a democracy or a republic:

The United States a Democracy?

  • The United States is a democracy, because, the people, hold ultimate political power.
  • It is not a “direct democracy,” but a “representative democracy.”
  • Representative democracy means voting in elections to choose representatives – this makes it a representative democracy, but remember the United States Constitution does not use the term “democracy.”

The United States a Republic?

  • The United States is a republic because its elected representatives exercise political power

The United States an Oligarchy?

  • A recent study by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I Page concludes that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy while average citizens and mass-based…

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