Emergencies and #Copyright Tips for #Librarians


ታላቅ የፊቼ ጫምባላላ ስጦታ [የመጽሐፍ ትዉዉቅ ]

ታላቅ የፊቼ ጫምባላላ ስጦታ

ከዚህ ቀደም ዙላ በሚል መጠሪያ አንድ ድንቅ መጽሐፍ ያበረከተን ደራሲና ገጣሚ ተመስገን ተሰማ ለዚህ ፊቼ ሎቄ የሚል የሲዳማን ትግል ታሪክ የሚተርክ ድንቅ መጽሐፍ ይዞልን መጥቷል።

መጽሐፉ ከብዙ ድካም በሗላ አሁን በገበያ ላይ ስለሚገኝ በመግዛት እንዲታነቡና ደራሲውን እንዲታበረታቱት ጥሪዬን አስተላልፋለሁ።

ምንጭ፤ Shumulo shunde የፌስቡክ ገጽ

10 ways I keep up to date with the latest sustainability trends

ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group

Sustainability trends are constantly evolving in response to natural disasters like floods and fires as well as the impact of a global pandemic. Use less plastic, invest in renewables, stop eating meat, start a worm farm… there is so much advice out there it’s hard to keep up! So for Earth Day today I’m sharing my top ten tips for how to keep track of sustainability trends.

  1. Book shops: Scour the Science section of your local bookshop and note any titles that pique your interest. You can then borrow them from your public library or put in a suggestion for purchase. It saves trees and gives your local library some love too.
  2. Online newspapers: I read the Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian every weekend, paying close attention to the book reviews. This is how I came across Jonica Newby’s book Beyond Climate Grief which makes a powerful statement…

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Travel-ready index 2022 (Get the outlook for Asia’s tourism industry in 2022)

Twitter accepts Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition offer, on April 25th

Twitter has announced that it has accepted Musk’s offer to acquire the publicly traded company at $54.20/share, valuing the social media platform at $44 billion. Moments after the news broke that Twitter trading was halted, the company issued a press release confirming that it was accepting Musk’s offer to take the social network private…

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