Are We There Yet? | Periodicals Price Survey 2022

Two years into the pandemic, only flat budgets, and price increases seem predictable.

Many in libraryland are asking themselves “are we there yet?” as the world adjusts to its third year of living with the coronavirus. But where is “there”? While dropping coronavirus case counts lead to relaxing of restrictions and signal that we could be nearing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, other events suggest we may be living with uncertainty for some time. Social and political unrest, persistent supply chain issues, the Great Resignation, and rates of inflation not seen since 1982 all threaten a recovering economy.[…]


New opportunities for the research community to engage with Parliament (compiled 21 April 2022)

Research and Innovation Services

The Knowledge Exchange Unit supports the exchange of information between UK Researchers and Parliament. They prepare a list of opportunities for researchers each week, which we will be disseminating in part through this blog.

If you are engaging in any of these opportunities, please email Glenn Harris or Suzi Edwards

These opportunities have been compiled by UK Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU).

Take a look atthe KEU’s webhub of information and resources for researchers.

These opportunities and resources have been sent to members of the KEU’s informal network for knowledge mobilisers, for circulation to the research community (find out more about the network).

Select committee inquiries launched in the last 2 weeks (since 24March 2022)

Please click the title of any inquiry listed below to be taken to a summary of that inquiry and the full call for evidence.

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