Has the Campus Workplace Changed Forever?

College leaders are trying different strategies to adapt to a new reality.

In the early days of the pandemic, colleges scrambled to move their work forces online in order to keep their operations running. The initial results weren’t always pretty. But higher ed has spent the past two years learning from its mistakes and making improvements, even while more of its employees have begun returning to campus. Despite hopeful signs that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, there is a growing understanding that remote and hybrid work, at least in some form, is here to stay. With the benefit of hindsight and enough time to consider things more thoughtfully, institutional leaders and academic administrators are increasingly engaging with essential questions about remote work: What is the best way to manage teams at a distance? What does it take to recruit, retain, and engage faculty and staff members? What can higher education learn from other industries that have long embraced telecommuting?[…]


Global Finance Magazine-PRESS RELEASE – World’s Best Bank Awards 2022

Awash Bank is a Regional Winner!

It is one of the World’s best banks in Africa. 

Congratulations to the Awash family!

The First Private Bank established in Ethiopia

Global Finance has announced its 29th annual awards for the World’s Best Banks. A full report on the selections will appear in the May print and digital editions of Global Finance as well as online at GFMag.com. 

Winners have been chosen in more than 150 countries and territories across Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Central America, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America, and Western Europe. The May report will also feature selections for the Best US Regional Banks, the Best Islamic Financial Institutions, and the World’s Best Banks by Region. In light of the existing situation in Ukraine, Global Finance has decided not to assign Best Bank awards to countries directly involved in the current conflict. […]

‘Flexible Work Is Not the New Norm,’ One University Says

A new report from the University of Iowa offers one take on the future of the higher-ed workplace — namely, that flexible work might not be as prominent in a post-pandemic era as some have predicted.

Based on nearly two years of pilot programs involving 1,800 employees, Iowa’s final “Future of Work” report, released this month, outlines recommendations for how the university should proceed with remote-work policies. Iowa’s plan makes room for some flexibility, but not for everyone, and not all the time.[…]

The Russia-China strategic partnership – Exclusive interview with Russia’s Sergey Glazyev on the emerging new global financial system

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