{Opinion} The pandemic showed us that we still need libraries, even with Google

The pandemic showed us that we still need libraries, even with Google

A pandemic might close a library, but it can’t stop librarians. They were still finding new ways to remind us that libraries are about connections and experiences, writes Heidi LM Jacobs.[…]

Happy Easter to all followers of Christian religion!

Baga ayyaana sooma hiikaa Kiristaanaa geessan!… ለክርስትና እምነት ተከታዮች በሙሉ እንኳን ለብርሃነ ትንሳኤው በሰላም አደረሳችሁ!…Kiristinnu Amma’no harunsaano baalanka, Hawalle Mootichu Yesuusi Kirsitoosi Ka’o qaaggo Ayyaanira keerunni iilishi’ne…ርሑስ በዓል ትንሳኤ!

Happy Easter, 2022

21st Century Information Retrieval & Dissemination Network
wishes Happy Easter
To all of you & your families.
Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian@Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Please join me in events with the Ambassador of Ghana

BFA Virtual Fundraiser Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian from Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Support Books For Primary & Secondary Schools Found In Sidama Region (Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian, Hawassa University) Ethiopia and Books For Africa

Books For Africa Virtual Fundraiser Captain, Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Librarian, Hawassa University, Ethiopia

I’ve just signed up for events with the Ambassador of Ghana to help Books For Africa raise money and awareness for their cause and I hope that you will consider joining me. You’ll find a link to join me CLICK ON the below button……

Thank you in advance for your Participation

Her Excellency Alima Mahama​
Ambassador of Ghana to the United States

Books For Africa June 8, 2022 event details…

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