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Libraries serve an important role in accessing information, delivering services, and fostering a sense of community. Libraries must ask whether they are serving all of their community members equitably. People with disabilities need to be able to access the libraries fully. This article first provides an overview of accessibility-related legislative history in the US, Canada, and Ontario, and Australia to contextualize its impact on services to people with disabilities. The medical and social models of disability are explored. Lastly, an overview of the history of libraries and accessibility cements the moral, ethical, and legal reasons to serve people with disabilities.[…]


[Library Technology Reports] Thinking Differently about Library Websites: Beyond Your Preconceptions, by Laura Solomon

Library Technology Reports vol. 58, no. 3 (April 2022), “Thinking Differently about Library Websites: Beyond Your Preconceptions,” by Laura Solomon

In this issue of Library Technology Reports (vol. 58, no. 3), we’ll look at the common preconceptions of library websites and web design and work toward understanding what makes a useful, relevant library website that is user-friendly.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overcoming Preconceptions of the Perfect Library Website: Anecdotes versus ResearchLaura SolomonHTML PDF Restricted Access5-8
Chapter 2. Design for the User, Not the StaffLaura SolomonHTML PDF Restricted Access9-14
Chapter 3. Make Your Website Relevant and UsefulLaura SolomonHTML PDF Restricted Access15-19
Chapter 4. Easily Implementable Changes to Improve Your WebsiteLaura SolomonHTML PDF Restricted Access20-23
Chapter 5. Website Design TipsLaura SolomonHTML PDF Restricted Access24-28
Chapter 6. Creating an Effective Online PresenceLaura SolomonHTML PDF Restricted Access29-31

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Senator Sean Ryan Announces Recipients Of 2022 Outstanding Librarian Awards

Librarians from Each Region in New York State Recognized for Exemplary Service to their Communities […]

Highlighting linked data projects

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While Library of Congress’ Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME) may be the most visible project to integrate library catalogs with linked data, other cultural heritage institutions have begun work on their own linked data projects.These initiatives can focus on creating new or converting existing data to linked data and work with external partners or be largely inward focused, but all have the goal of improving discoverability and access for their patrons.[…]

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