BSTL Kolleejje_BSTL College_ ቢ.ኤስ.ቲ.ኤል ኮሌጅ ለ 2014 የትምህርት ዘመን ምዝገባ ጀምረናል


Congratulations: Dr. Mesay Hailu has become a General Director of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute [EPHI]

Dr. Mesay Hailu, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor of Public Health & Epidemiology, the former Vice President for Administration & Students Services of Hawassa Univerisity.

21st Century LIS Network: Information_Knowledge Retrieval & Dissemination Platform is very pleased to transmit best wishes to Dr. Mesay Hailu to become the General Director of the EPHI.

He deserves a promotion after all the hard work he has done!


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Dr. Gudeta Hinika, Founder of Negele Arsi General Hospital and Medical College while he delivered a speech on the occasion of the thanksgiving ceremony to the medical team led by Gavin J. Button, M.D. and Dr. Saygni [Spine Surgery _ General Orthopedics]
Dr. Saygni & Gavin J. Button, M.D. with their patients [Memorial Photograph]
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