Swiss scientists are making jet fuel from sunlight and air

The IATA believes sustainable jet fuel will need to play a substantial role in achieving the global target of net CO2 emissions by 2050.
Image: UNSPLASH/Eva Darron

  • Scientists have developed a process using sunlight and air to create carbon-neutral jet fuel.
  • The process could sustainably fuel planes, ships and road haulage.
  • Sustainable aviation fuels are a key part of the industry’s plans to decarbonize.

Scientists have developed a way to make carbon-neutral jet fuel for hard-to-electrify heavy transport using sunlight and air.[…]


How to easily spot reliable journals

A journal’s ethical practice is another important factor. Dr. David Rew, from the Scopus Content Selection Advisory Board, looks at what determines a good journal (and what constitutes a bad one!). And, he highlights the signs you should pay attention to. You’ll come away with a thorough knowledge of the steps required to select the right home for your research, improving your chances of publication success.[…]

{መነበብ ያለበት_ Must Read} The national question or regionalism: Revisiting the Tatek magazine nearly 50 years later

An Awash Post reader recently shared:

a fascinating and highly relevant article from the 1973 (1965 Ethiopian Calendar) issue of the Tatek Magazine, a publication of the Ethiopian Student Union of Europe (ESUE).

We are republishing it almost half a century later for three reasons. First, Ethiopia is in the grip of one of the most trying times in its history. The country can use a dose of the revolutionary spirit, ideas, and civil discourse that shaped the 60s generation. Second, the article tackles the thorny national question that Ethiopia had been grappling with since its inception, a question, if left unaddressed, that is likely to haunt the country far into the future. And finally, in a few months, Tatek will celebrate its Golden Jubilee, and our reader hopes that the re-issuing of this piece will spur more reflection on the contributions and experiences of ESUE and other student associations of that era.

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