All the World’s Military Personnel [Millitary Size by Country 2022]

While much of the world is living in one of the most peaceful periods in history, the spark of new conflicts like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reminds us of the importance of military personnel.

Between ongoing armed conflicts to building of defenses preemptively, many countries have amassed significant militaries to date.

This map, using data from World Population Review, displays all the world’s military personnel.

Who Has the Largest Military?


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What Is the Difference Between LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter?

In 2022 Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter use for promoting because every business needs to promote their products and services but a small business faces many problems they are not able to show their worth, maybe lack of advertising or no consumer response.

Another way the who are using social media platforms for advertising they are doing best business.

There are many social media platforms:

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