Few journals heed calls to boycott Russian papers

The Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Journals have largely resisted calls to exclude papers by Russian scientists.MORDOLFF/ISTOCKPHOTO

Since Russian forces invaded their country, Ukrainian scientists have repeatedly issued a plea to the world’s journal editors: Punish Russia by declining to publish manuscripts from its scientists. But editors and publishers have largely refused the call […]


Books against bombs: how Ukrainians are using literature to fight back

A window barricaded by books in Kyiv. Photograph: Lev Shevenko

I’ve lived in Kyiv since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 – and now I’m an internally displaced person again. After a Russian military plane was shot down in front of my windows, my family and I were evacuated to a safer place in Lviv, western Ukraine. As editor of the media outlet Zaborona, I spend days working from our temporary home, collecting evidence of the war[…]

The National Library of Israel Newspaper Collection

The Newspaper collection of the National Library of Israel contains millions of pages and hundreds of newspapers available to read and search through online: Israeli press, Jewish press, Arabic press of Ottoman and mandatory Palestine, children press and daily press. The collection contains millions of pages, hundreds of newspaper, available to read online […]

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