Shadow Pandemic: How Widespread Is Violence Against Women?


  • Nearly 2 billion women globally think domestic violence is widespread in their country
  • There are significant gaps in how men and women perceive domestic violence
  • Largest gender gaps on this issue are in former Eastern bloc, Soviet states

Since the start of the pandemic, gender-based violence has increased, with its victims finding themselves trapped at home with their abusers, respecting lockdown measures at risk of being mistreated and unable to escape […]


The Hologic Global Women’s Health Index

The Hologic Global Women’s Health Index is the first globally comprehensive view of key women’s health measures directly based on lived experiences from women and girls. The 2020 Index closes the gaps in our knowledge surrounding the health of nearly half the world’s population. The findings in this report can help women live longer, safer, and healthier lives.

Countries and territories are ranked based on a combined and weighted score (0-100) of the five dimensions linked to higher female life expectancy: Preventive Care, Basic Needs, Opinions of Health & Safety, Individual Health, and Emotional Health. To learn more about how scores are calculated, please visit the About or Methodology page.

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