Generation Z GWI’s generation report on the latest trends among Gen Z


ALA stands with the Ukrainian library community

ALA stands with the Ukrainian library community

The American Library Association and its divisions support our Ukrainian colleagues and will work with the global library community to answer the appeal from the Ukrainian Library Association to provide accurate information as a means to support democracy and freedom of expression. […]

Welcome to International Networking Agora Space! [Library World Tour]

In this virtual square, it will be possible to practically activate the Library World Tour network and it will be possible for all librarians belonging to the network (and not only) to be able to compare and exchange ideas. In this way, we could touch experiences that are constantly updated and remain in constant contact with the world of libraries all over the world.

Posts and reactions can be entered anonymously or by registering.

Welcome and enjoy this space. Your and our space.

And above all, use it !!!!

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