How Does Your Country Measure Up in the 2021 Corruption Perception Index

2021 Corruptions Perceptions Index – Explore the Results

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WHO board halts Ethiopia’s anti-Tedros speech, postpones probe decision


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), speaks during a news conference in Geneva, Switzerland, December 20, 2021. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse/File Photo

GENEVA, Jan 24 (Reuters) – (This January 24 story corrected the headline and lead to the show that Ethiopia’s ambassador was cut off by the WHO board ‘chair’, not a WHO ‘official’)…[…]

From Luxembourg to a global vision of libraries. Mario Coffa interviews Jean-Marie Reding

Welcome to Luxembourg!!!!!

 Jean-Marie Reding

The Library World Tour had the pleasure of being hosted by our colleague Jean-Marie Reding with whom we had a pleasant chat about libraries and what librarians do every day to face the challenges, especially after the pandemic period. You can find everything in the article entitled “From Luxembourg to a global vision of libraries. Mario Coffa interviews Jean-Marie Reding”. Available in Italian and English.

Corsica: Beauty of the Mediterranean

In ancient times the Greeks called the island “Kalliste” – the beautiful: Corsica looks like an alpine landscape in the Mediterranean, an island with dramatic rock formations, romantic bays and proud inhabitants who see themselves first and foremost as Corsicans and only then as French.

My Home Office (Garden Offices)

A home office not indoors but near your home, in the garden. That’s the idea behind our garden office My Home Office. The garden office is there for private and business customers who are looking for a luxurious home workplace to work in a relaxed manner. An office in your garden with a modern design, according to the latest trends. Made from sustainable materials, with detailing in black steel and a marmoleum floor. My Home Office is an officially patented design.

Peace and privacy

Working from home has become a normality in the past 1.5 years and will be permanent for many people. However, working at home also requires peace and privacy. You don’t have that guarantee in a living room with calling partners and children playing. My Home Office is an office in the garden as a working environment close to home where you can work quietly and undisturbed in a natural setting…[…]

Scientific knowledge must be protected to ensure a Europe fit for the digital age


COAR is a signatory of a joint statement (with CESEAR and LIBER) calling for the protection of research and educational repositories from the unintended consequences of legislation that are being passed to regulate content sharing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.  While we generally support these efforts to regulate the large platforms, our concern is that legislations will place an undue burden on already overstretched repositories (and other not-for-profit content platforms) in the education and research sectors. We also want to begin to raise awareness of the fundamental difference of our sector from the large commercial social media platforms. While this issue is highly relevant in the European context at the moment, as lawmakers are debating the Digital Services Act, it goes beyond Europe as I believe there are a number of other jurisdictions that are also looking at regulation of the large platforms. We welcome you to reuse these arguments in your own context.  The statement is summarized below, with a link to the full text…[…]

The representation of ‘Ethiopianness’ and ‘Oromoness’ in two Afaan Oromoo novels

Ethiopia is generally described as an old African nation, with an early state system beginning the Aksumite kingdom, the conversion to Christianity in the fourth century AD, the mythology Solomon and Sheba, the victory over Italian imperialists in 1896, and the restoration of H Selassie in 1941 after the five-year Italian occupation. Addis Ababa, where the Organization African Unity, and later the African Union, have been headquartered since 1963, is the unofficial ‘capital of Africa’, giving to Ethiopia a special prestige and recognition in the contemporary African scene. However, the historical and political narratives projected by Ethiopia’s ruling elites are sometimes at odds with the perceptions of the Oromo people…[…]

Source: Journal of African Cultural Studies

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