Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 Americans are reading Ebooks?

One of the key findings from a new study by the Pew Research Center shows that 30% of Americans now read ebooks, up from 25% in 2019. The number of those who read a print book stayed the same in that time period, while audiobook reading increased from 20% to 23%. The Pew Research Center conducted its study between January 25th and February 8th, 2021. Data is available on their site for the years 2011-2021 […]

ዓለምን እያነጋገረ ያለው ፎቶግራፍ

በሀገረ ሊባኖስ፣ ቤይሩት ከተማ በሚገኝ አንድ ሰፈር ውስጥ ነው። በፎቶው ላይ የምትመለከቱት የአስር ዓመት ሶሪያዊ ልጅ ሑሴን ይባላል […]

[ Research Paper ] Writing a scientific article: A step-by-step guide for beginners


Many young researchers find it extremely difficult to write scientific articles, and few receive specific training in the art of presenting their research work in written format. Yet, the publication is often vital for career advancement, to obtain funding, to obtain academic qualifications, or for all these reasons. We describe here the basic steps to follow in writing a scientific article. We outline the main sections that an average article should contain; the elements that should appear in these sections, and some pointers for making the overall result attractive and acceptable for publication.[…]

WHAT LIBRARIANS AND LIBRARIES DO + how to be a librarian in the…

Are you curious about what libraries and librarians do? For this video we will talk about what is Library and Information Science, the kinds of libraries, what librarians or soon-to-be librarians study, and how to be a librarian in the Philippines. This is just an overview of what LIS is and possible career options.

Philippine Journal of Librarianship and Information Studies (PhJLIS) vol. 41, issue 2 (2021) out now

የታሪክ ንቅለ–ምልከታ ደራሲ እጩ ዶ/ር ፋኢዝ ሙሐመድ ጋር የተደረገ ቆይታ ዛውያ ልዩ መሰናዶ

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