10 Key Points for Libraries in the United Nations Our Common Agenda

Combatting the infodemic, universal literacy, an entitlement to lifelong learning, everyone connected, a new social contract, and more!

Our new blog and briefing about the United Nations#OurCommonAgenda set out ten key points for libraries […] 

The publication of a new research guide, “Arab World Newspapers at the Library of Congress”

The African and Middle Eastern Division is pleased to announce the publication of a new research guide, “Arab World Newspapers at the Library of Congress” (https://guides.loc.gov/arab-world-newspapers/?loclr=fbint). The guide lists all the newspapers published in the Arab World that are available in the Library of Congress collections. These include all the newspapers published in Arabic and those published in the Arab World in foreign languages; newspapers published in Arabic outside the Arab World or containing substantial sections in the Arabic language are also included. The guide also includes websites for newspapers from the Arab World and those of the Arab diaspora worldwide that are born-digital and available for viewing without any subscription.[…]

Animals of Africa 4K – Scenic Relaxation Film With Calming Music, Peaceful Piano Music, Sleep Music

#Relax #4kvideo #RelaxingNatureIn4K

Melting mountains – Rising temperatures in Lapland | DW Documentary

A tribute to Nuho Gobana: A trailblazing soloist who spent a lifetime promoting Tokkummaa

Nuho dedicated his life to promoting the virtues of Tokkummaa and Oromummma. He leaves behind a momentous legacy that will inspire current and future generations.

Nuho Mohammed Gobana, a pioneering singer-songwriter, and guitarist whose name is near synonymous with Tokkummaa (Oromo unity), died on Jan. 18, 2022, after a long illness. […]

* ኑሆ ጎበና እና ትዝታዎቼ-ጸሐፊ፡ አፈንዲ ሙተቂ

የአርቲስት ኑሆ ጎበና የአስከሬን ሽኝት ስነስርዓት ዕውቁ የኦሮምኛ ቋንቋ አቀንቃኝ አርቲስት ኑሆ ጎበና ዛሬ የክብር የአስከሬን ሽኝት በአዳማ ስታዲየም ተከናውኗል፡፡ቪዲዮ ዘገባ፦ ሥዩም ጌቱ፤ ዶይቸ ቬለ (DW)

Ethiopia needs more than peace talks


Regardless of what happens in Tigray, without the help of international financial institutions, the foundation of the state will come apart.[…]

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