Welcome to the first IFLA Newsletter of 2022! 

International Federation of Library Associations [IFLA] first newsletter for the year focuses on health! 

Health is of course something we should value highly, especially now. We continue to live with the consequences of a very real health crisis – the COVID-19 pandemic – leaving a trail of suffering, disruption, and uncertainty.[…]

Citizen Science Skilling For Library Staff, Researchers, And The Public

The LIBER Citizen Science Working Group is pleased to announce the publication of the first section of their Citizen Science for Research Libraries Guide, a four-part book series.


The guide is designed to be a practical toolbox to help run a citizen science project. It has been put together from contributions by members of the research library community and has been thoroughly peer-reviewed.

Happy Epiphany to all celebrating the festivities

Baga ayyana Cuuphaa goftaa keenya iyyeesus kiristoositiin ittin isin gahe!

Ayyaana Gaarii!

እንኳን የጌታችን የኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ በዓለ ጥምቀት በሠላም አደረሣችሁ።

መልካም በዓል!

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