Table 41: A Novel by Joseph Suglia

Now is the time for all of you to read my masterpiece TABLE 41


UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science

Applied ICD

UNESCO. (2021). UNESCO recommendation on open science. Paris, France: UNESCO. (Also available in French and Spanish.)

This report was adopted unanimously by 193 UNESCO member states in November 2021.

Open dialogue with other knowledge systems refers to the dialogue between different knowledge holders, that recognizes the richness of diverse knowledge systems and epistemologies and diversity of knowledge producers in line with the 2001 UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. It aims to promote the inclusion of knowledge from traditionally marginalized scholars and enhance inter-relationships and complementarities between diverse epistemologies, adherence to international human rights norms and standards, respect for knowledge sovereignty and governance, and the recognition of rights of knowledge holders to receive a fair and equitable share of benefits that may arise from the utilization of their knowledge. (p. 15)

(See also the related International Science Council publication Science as a global public good, issued in 2020, which set the stage by arguing that “The social contract is shifting to one in which science is open to society: transparent and participative” (p. 20). Both publications emphasize the need for intercultural and international dialogues among knowledge workers.)

2022 Martin Luther King Jr.’s day of service [video]

“What are you doing for others today?” is what Martin Luther King Jr. believed to be life’s most urgent question.

In the U.S., the third Monday of every January has been a federal holiday to honor King since 1986. In 1994, the day was designated as a national day of service in the spirit of his commitment to working together for a better tomorrow.

On the holiday recognizing Martin Luther King Jr., many Americans honor him by performing acts of service for their communities.

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