Readout of President Biden’s Call with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia

ዲሽታጌና አሁን የሰላም ሰባኪ ንጉስ አርቲስት ነው ።

Digital Equity Means More than Just Access to the Internet

Libraries are known for providing many important services and resources to their communities. However, for those who aren’t as familiar with library landscapes, the top things that come to mind that libraries provide are books and computers. This isn’t surprising especially because libraries are major supporters of literacy when it comes to knowing how to read and how to navigate digital spaces. Books and computers are also some of the most commonly seen objects in the library. At first glance, it can be easy for some to assume that these are the focuses and miss out on additional resources like classes, programs, skilled staff, etc.[…]

TOP 10 RESEARCH ARTICLES FOR ACADEMIA (2021)-International Journal of peer-to-peer networks (IJP2P)

‘Sarvarii guddaa akka biyyaatti kan jalqabaa ta’u hojii jalqabsiisuuf’- Abdiisaa Baancaa

Godina Arsii Lixaa Nansabootti kan dhalate dargaggoo Abdiisaa Bancaa Jaarraa, Yunvarsiitii Haramaayaa irraa ogummaa Teeknoolojii odeeffannoo fi qunnamtiitiin (ICT) eebbifame.

Bara 2006 erga dhaabbata ‘’ hundeessees hojiiwwan teeknolojiidhaan walqabatan hedduu hojjechaa ture.

Dargaggoo Abdiisaan hojiilee gama kanaan hojjechaa turee fi waan gara fuuladuraatti milkeessuuf hojjechaa jiru irratti BBC waliin turtii taasiseera.{…}

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