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Get your Reviewer/Editor CertificateKRPOCH Publishing invites scientists (Professors) from Europe and America to join our Reviewers/Editors team of Academic Periodical Peer-Reviewed Indexed Journals:


https://ijsa.culturehealth.org/…/editor…/editorial-boardDirections: Social and Behavioral Sciences: Education; Psychology; Health Care Science; Rehabilitation.


https://ijes.world/en/magazine-information/editorial-teamDirections: Social and Behavioral Sciences: Education, Economics, Law.

The Journals are presented in more than 35 international scientometric databases, repositories, and search engines


Please send your profiles (Scopus Author ID; Web of Science ResearcherID) to Email: KhRPOCH@mwlibrarian



Your health data could soon live in the cloud [NewScientist]

Web-based health info can confuse patients and frustrate GPs. A better way to store, analyze and share health data online should strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. A hacking cough; a high temperature; a swollen knee. At one time, such symptoms would have sent you dashing – or limping – to your GP. Today, of course, the internet is often the first port of call. As the amount of health information has exploded online, people are embracing the opportunity to play medical sleuth. For some, it’s a chance to indulge their inner “cyberchondriac”. For others, new digital devices offer the chance to monitor their health more closely than ever before. However it manifests, access to information has put more power into people’s hands […]

Center for Research Libraries (CRL) {Enriching research. Expanding Possibilities}

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is an international consortium of university, college, and independent research libraries. Founded in 1949, CRL supports original research and inspired teaching in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by preserving and making available to scholars a wealth of rare and uncommon primary source materials from all world regions […]

Epistemonikos (Database of the best of Evidence-Based Health Care)

What is Epistemonikos database?

Epistemonikos is a collaborative, multilingual database of health evidence. It is the largest source of systematic reviews relevant for health-decision making, and a large source of other types of scientific evidence.

What is the objective of Epistemonikos database?

The main aim of Epistemonikos is to gather scientific information (i.e. evidence) that might be relevant for health decision-making and to provide rapid and reliable access to the best available evidence for real-life questions.

To whom is Epistemonikos database aimed?

Epistemonikos is aimed at health professionals, researchers, and health decision-makers. It is not intended for the general public, even though it has been used by well-informed laypeople and journalists successfully.


Will There Be Libraries in 25 Years? 

when I started the Internet Archive 25 years ago, I focused our non-profit library on digital collections: preserving web pages, archiving television news, and digitizing books. The Internet Archive was seen as innovative and unusual. Now all libraries are increasingly electronic, and necessarily so. To fight disinformation, to serve readers during the pandemic, and to be relevant to 21st-century learners, libraries must become digital […]

Dewey Decimal Classification for library & information professionals

Finally! DDC Schedule is complete as compared to the physical scheme available in libraries. DDC schedule application has been updated to a complete version comprising:

What’s New! • Relative Index [A-Z]• DDC Volume 1 – 4 Complete Version You can classify library materials using the DDC Schedule app without missing any vitally content, notation or keynotes and ultimately without visiting the library. Very applicable for practical.


While using the application, it will be required you download and import Volume 1 – 4 of the DDC Schedule. This is to make sure the application size isn’t bogus for download.

For those who already downloaded the volumes, there is a step to follow to link up the resources without re-downloading in the application.

All instructions are to be followed strictly and detailed […]

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