Top 10 IT Issues, 2022: The Higher Education We Deserve

Almost two years into a global pandemic, it’s clear the higher education we knew will never return and now we can focus on getting the higher education we deserve.

The Top 10 IT Issues describe the way technology is helping to create the higher education we deserve. They highlight the work institutions are doing to develop a shared transformational vision and strategy, redefine higher education’s value proposition, and reshape institutional business models and culture to anticipate and serve the current and emergent needs of learners, communities, and employers.

See how technology can help your institution in 2022 and beyond.

Is the university really a community?

The managerialist ethos that pervades today’s universities doesn’t help. This ethos reduces human relationships to the incentivizing logic and contractual obligations of a market. The problem isn’t the people – managers themselves can be well-meaning and principled – but the system. Ultimately, managerialism does not believe in community, only in self-interested individuals completing tasks because they have been offered carrots or threatened with sticks. By dividing us up into cost centers, the managerialist university tries to isolate the ways in which the different parts contribute to the whole. Poorly performing areas, or those seen as a drain on resources, are put on the naughty step, or worse.

As the season of goodwill comes around again, warm words about collegiality and fellowship have been dutifully corralled into all-staff missives from university leaders. But in an era of management, metrics, and industrial unrest, does the image of the academy as a commonwealth of scholars still bear scrutiny? Seven academics have their say {…}

Book Aid International {2021} What a Year_ Watch an Achievement Videos of BAI

Thank you for helping us to reach readers all around the world this year. We really couldn’t have done it without you.

Watch a Videos_ 2021_ What a Year

Call yourself an academic leader? If so, get over yourself

Few actions mark a true leader more than that.

Do you call yourself an “academic leader?” Do you call yourself any kind of “leader” because you hold an administrative or supervisory role? Do you label others in such roles as leaders for the same reason – in your “leadership team?” If so, it is time to re-think your definition of this idea.

For the notion of what makes for a “leader” in many universities is a colossal, desperate, and damaging mess. Ill-thought and ill-judged, it disempowers most of those who supposed leaders purport to lead […]

Online Scientific Library “CyberLeninka”

CyberLeninka is a scientific electronic library built on the paradigm of open science, the main tasks of which are to popularize science and scientific activity, public control of the quality of scientific publications, develop interdisciplinary research, a modern institute of scientific review, increase the citation rate of Russian science and build a knowledge infrastructure …

We believe that in the nearest future the word “science” will imply “open” and there will be open research infrastructure (we call it Noosphere) in which CyberLeninka will be one of the many open science hubs. As for now, CyberLeninka is an online scientific library based on the open science paradigm. We host open access, peer-reviewed academic journals in which every research paper is free to download […]

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