Internet Governance in 2021: takeaways and insights for libraries

From digital skills to local content creation, #libraries can be a powerful tool to build meaningful #DigitalInclusion and a people-centered internet!

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14 Ways Reading Improves Your Mind And Body

You may not think about this at all as you are cozying up and about opening a book, but reading is an activity that can make you sharper, stronger, happier, and have better relationships to boot.

Reading is an exercise for the brain which can strengthen neuronal pathways as well as create new ones. Being immersed in a book can help reduce stress and improve sleep. From encouraging the development of children’s brains to staving off dementia in the elderly, reading can be the key to living better and longer […]

[Call for Action to Professionals in Food Science & Technology] A Good Vibe from Hawassa University College of Agriculture, Ethiopia

How eBooks are changing libraries

As digital content increasingly drives academic research, and the belief that information sourced online will overtake printed formats in coming years grows, libraries are going through their own physical and strategic transformation. The library’s former scope of organizing, cataloging, and storing information has been expanding over the past few years and we wanted to look at how much digital content had influenced this change […] 

Top 7 trends shaping digital transformation in 2022 [MULESOFT RESEARCH]

The pace of digital change in business shows no sign of slowing in 2022. The latest research from MuleSoft identifies 7 key digital transformation trends that will shape the future of work in 2022 and beyond.

The latest research from MuleSoft identifies hyper-automation, hybrid experiences, distributed environments, and an explosion of data as some of the new challenges and opportunities facing all businesses. The research points to an accelerated digital transformation in business for 2022 and beyond with seven key trends […] 

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