World Inequality Database on Education [UNESCO]

The World Inequality Database on Education (WIDE) highlights the powerful influence of circumstances, such as wealth, gender, ethnicity, and location, over which people have little control but which play an important role in shaping their opportunities for education and life. It draws attention to unacceptable levels of education inequality across countries and between groups within countries, with the aim of helping to inform policy design and public debate […]

Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers Databases

Researchers will find a wealth of unique content from the Middle East and North Africa, much of which has never been digitized or available as open access material. Content in the Middle Eastern & North African Newspapers collection is predominantly in Arabic, but also includes key titles in English and French. The collection comprises mostly out-of-copyright, orphaned content. CRL members and subscribing institutions also receive access to five in-copyright titles from the region: Jumhuriyah (الجمهورية, Egypt), Filastin (فلسطين, Palestine), Al Akhbar (الاخبار, Lebanon), Al Riadh (الرياض, Saudi Arabia), and Ad Dustour (الدستور, Jordan) […]

Hawassa University Institute of Sidama Studies: Library & Documentation Centre

I am very pleased to introduce to you Hawassa University Sidama Museum & Documentation Research Centre Library which is situated in the Main Campus of Hawassa University at Sidama National Regional State of Ethiopia, established recently and managed & organized by Hawassa University Institute of Sidama Studies.

Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

The Details are COMING SOON!!


Storytelling with digital culture is booming – find out why

What is digital storytelling?

Humans have always told, retold, and listened to stories. They allow us to make sense of the world, to learn, and to empathize and connect with each other.  

Digital storytelling is simply this age-old act of storytelling but using digital media, perhaps introducing elements of images, audio, video, and interactivity with the more traditional text or narrative. It is employed widely by cultural heritage institutions to attract, engage and inspire audiences.

Technology supports new ways of telling stories […]

Libraries have a commitment to protecting and promoting human rights

#Libraries #IFLA FAIFE #StandUp4HumanRights #Libraries4HumanRights

Find out about about just a few of the hot human rights issues faced at the moment in different parts of the world:

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