[FREE ACCESS VS. OPEN ACCESS] 101 Free Online Journal and Research Databases for Academics

This resource was designed to help students, academics, and researchers access the information they need without having to subscribe to an expensive service.

The directories, databases, and repositories in this list are all free to use(though some require that you sign up first).

We have focused on services that catalog free access and open access journals; most of the sites on the list offer at least some such resources, and the items highlighted in green offer exclusively free or open access resources […]



This database includes case law and legal scholarship that relates to Creative Commons legal tools. Please note that the database is not comprehensive, and CC does not necessarily endorse the views of the courts or scholars whose decisions and writings are referenced. The content provided is purely informational, designed for those seeking to better understand the legal ecosystem in which the CC legal tools operate […]

Sagace (Search for Biomedical Data & Resources in Japan)

This site allows users to search for biomedical data (such as gene expression profiles and proteomics data) and biological resources (such as mouse models of disease and cell lines) that are produced and maintained in Japan. […]

[SDG Calculator] Sustainable Development Goals Calculator for Libraries


Want to assess the extent to which your Library is contributing to the SDGs, identify which goals your library services and activities are achieving and which ones need improvement?

The ‘SDG Calculator for Libraries’ is a useful tool developed to measure the contribution of libraries to the Sustainable Development Goals. This advocacy tool helps to highlight how libraries drive development and is available in English, French, Portuguese, and 6 other languages. Check it out here and share how your Library is performing […]

The pandemic’s impact on enrolment is yet to unfold

Due to COVID-19, schools across the world were fully closed, on average, for 79 instruction days in 2020. Although schools are now fully open in most countries, around 117 million students are still affected by full school closures in 18 countries.

In July 2020, UNESCO estimated that the pandemic would cause an increase of 24 million learners at risk of leaving school early of which 11 million were in primary and secondary school. How many of these children would never go back to school? The answer to that question depends on the rapidly changing situation, pandemic recovery plans, and the continued efforts of governments and the international community to leave no one behind […]

The 2022 Guide to Social Media for Libraries: Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn

This is part of a series on social media best practices for libraries in 2022. These posts include best practices for the following platforms:

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing the latest best practices for Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. These are the top platforms used by libraries according to a survey I conducted […]

Why more conference organizers should dare to go virtual

Conference organizers appear hesitant to embrace virtual setups, says Verena Haage. For those that do, the benefits can be significant.

When I submitted a paper on scientist conference travel behavior in early March, the idea that virtual conferencing would be the only option for the foreseeable future seemed fanciful […]

How to make virtual meetings work: 10 tips for successful remote meetings

In today’s climate, many organizations are re-thinking meetings. Why shuttle employees across the country when they can dial in from their office or home? 

As well as calling a halt to business travel, you may find yourself having to work from home for the first time. But don’t fret if this is new to you, virtual meetings ensure work still gets done – and let you check-in and collaborate with colleagues, wherever they are.  

But teleconferencing and video technology pose unique challenges, too. Here are some tips to overcome them – and make your virtual meetings a success.

5 steps to improve your virtual meetings[…] 

What will Academic Conferences look like in the post-pandemic paradigm?

In academic circles, social and physical interaction has always been crucial to information sharing among peers. Journal publication is often prefaced by poster and podium presentations at symposiums and conferences, where researchers seek early feedback and peers share comments on the research. Academic societies heavily depend upon their annual conferences both for sustaining revenues and to forge the sense of “community,” “mission,” and “purpose” that defines them. Similarly, for the publishing and pharmaceutical industries, facetime at conferences and symposia has been viewed as intrinsic to relationship building and business development […]

The 2021 Guide to Social Media for Libraries: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …

This is the second in a six-part series on social media best practices for libraries in 2021. I’m researching the most up-to-date tips for posting on the platforms most frequently used by libraries and sharing new insights every Monday. 

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