Tariku Gankisi, le chanteur éthiopien qui prêche la paix mais récolte la haine

L’artiste a dû se cacher durant une semaine à Addis-Abeba après avoir appelé lors d’un concert à la fin de la guerre entre les forces fédérales et les rebelles du Tigré.


International Journal of Library and Information Services (IJLIS)


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The mission of the International Journal of Library and Information Services (IJLIS) is to disseminate emerging research in library service innovation and provide a venue for librarians, researchers, professionals, vendors, and academics to interact and exchange ideas. The journal addresses a variety of technologies, scholarly perspectives, and applications in the field.


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Modern warfare: ‘precision’ missiles will not stop civilian deaths – here’s why

Mohammed Abbasi

Peter Lee, University of Portsmouth

Modern guided missiles and bombs are capable of incredible, almost science-fiction-like precision. To research my book, Reaper Force, about the lives of drone operators, I was allowed to watch RAF MQ-9 Reaper drones in real-time action in Syria.

I sat with a three-person crew at a ground-control station in Creech Air Force Base in Nevada as they killed an Islamic State fighter with a Hellfire precision-guided missile. The Reaper drone being piloted was flying 20,000 feet above its target. He was on a moving motorcycle when the missile hit him.

Missile accuracy is judged by how close it gets to its aiming point. Precision refers to the size and predictability of the explosive blast. The strike I watched was accurate and precise and no civilians were hurt.

Degrees of precision

Air-launched missile technology continues to advance rapidly. The 100-pound Hellfire missile was…

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