Congratulations To GC 2021!! Students of BSTL College, Hawassa, Sidama National Regional State, Ethiopia

BSTL College is one of Ethiopia’s private colleges, founded in 2007 Eth.C., in Hawassa city, Sidama National Regional State, Ethiopia.

Mr. Biniyamin Tesfaye, Dean of BSTL College while providing awards to outstanding Graduates

Currently, BSTL college provides educational programs in the following fields of study:

Degree Programs

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Management
  • Information Technology
  • Economics

Diploma Programs (Level: I-IV)

Information Technology

  • IT Support Services (I-II)
  • Hardware & Network (III-IV)

Administrative Offices &   Secretary

  • Basic Clerical (I)
  • Customer Contact & Sec.Opp (III)
  • Customer Contact & Sec.Opp.Cord (IV)

Library & Information Science

  • Library & Information Services (I-IV)

Accounting & Finance

  • Basic Accounting (II)
  • Accounting & Budget Support (III-IV)

Human Resource Management (IV)


  • Clerical work
  • Marketing Services (III)
  • Marketing Support Services (IV)

Purchasing (I-IV)

Human Resource Management


Mobile Phone 1: +251 931354079

Mobil Phone 2:  +251 916056442


Partial view of participants of the graduation ceremony

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